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Meet Jasmine


As a Career Coach/Resume Writer/Mental Fitness Coach in New York City, Jasmine has worked with professionals around the country on manifesting their dream careers. She has supported clients in career exploration, setting career goals, employment search techniques, and building strong mental fitness. 

Jasmine has a passion for coaching individuals regarding the current job market and their search for employment, she loves supporting people in transitioning into new careers, strengthening their interview skills, and creating winning resumes and cover letters. 

She started her career in the legal recruiting field and then in Workforce Development, assisting people with barriers, such as a history of drug abuse or homelessness. Currently, she assists students at a business college in New York City with setting career goals, developing interview and networking skills, and finding internships and employment.

She also creates resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, as well as trains individuals and groups in interviewing and job search techniques.



Master of Transpersonal Psychology (2010)

Sofia University (Formally the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology)

Palo Alto, California

Specialization: Creativity and Innovation


Transformational Life Coaching Certification (2010)

Sofia University (Formally the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology)

Palo Alto, California


Bachelor of Art (2004)

The George Washington University

Washington DC

Major: Theater

Leaf Pattern Design


To empower all professionals to become the CEO of their careers, help them navigate the job market with confidence, and achieve their career aspirations. Through personalized coaching and expert support,

I aim to help professionals develop networking skills, define and showcase their personal brands, and create winning resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. 

I am dedicated to providing career guidance including building mental fitness and resilience in their pursuit of meaningful employment and career growth.


To become a trusted and respected career coach, empowering individuals to achieve their career goals and create fulfilling lives by providing personalized coaching, expert resume writing, and innovative job search training.

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