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Here's what people are saying about working with me

Personal & Professional Goal Setting


Jasmine is a supportive, thought-provoking, and personable life coach. What I learn through her classes about myself is invaluable. I've been able to develop a new set of tools to help me identify goals and reclaim dreams that I had allowed myself to forget. I recommend this class to anyone interested in aligning their professional dreams to their personal goals and to those who are ready to spend time on the things they really want to be doing.

Parita Patel

Deep Listening & Support


Your inquiry was simple, to the point questions and then the silence allowed me to sink in deeply and feel what was below the surface. You were present with me, listening deeply, and curious.  

Lynetta Denniston 

Engaging Workshops


The workshop and most importantly the workshop facilitator inspired me to go back to school to get my PhD! :-)


Denise Gray.

Get in Touch

New York, New York, United States  /  Tel. 347-871-0254

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