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70 West 107th Street, New York, NY

Saturday, March 26th 11am - 3pm 

Are You  Looking to  Make Big Changes in Your Career ?

This fun interactive workshop uses creative expression and self-refection to define your

 career goals, and create a career plan for 2016 and beyond!


                                       Participants will:

● Explore strengths, passions & accomplishments
● Create exciting career goals
● Use collage, writing and more to create a strategic career plan

WorkShop Includes:

Career Planning Journal 

Breakfast & Snacks

Bottomless Mimosas

30 Minute 1-On-1 Follow up Call

with Jasmine Briggs 

This day was a productive way to take the time to put creative thought behind career planning. I learned my passions and accomplishments do connect to my strengths.

-K. Alexander 

This day for me was an eye-opener, a confidence booster. My favorite thing I got out of the workshop was believing I can achieve my goals.

- 2014 Workshop Attendee

I learned goal setting, steps to achieve my goals, and to be bold, courageous and just do it. This day was an opportunity to self improve, set career goals, follow through and find inspiration. Jasmine Briggs is informative, pleasant, friendly, inspirational.

- 2014 Workship Attendee

This day for me was like a day at the spa. I learned my versatility and adaptability are two strengths that I need to focus on.

-J. Rogers

This day for me was like a walk in nature. It was inspiring and empowering. I loved it!

- 2014 Workshop Attendee


My favorite thingI got out of the workshop was meeting like-minded people.

- 2014 Workshop Attendee 

This was very informative. I learned how to begin and follow a career path timeline. 

- 2014 Workshop Attendee

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