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Build Your Following On LinkedIn

  • Learn how to increase engagement and post likes/shares

  • Build a community of industry professionals

  • Create a no-hassle strategy for engaging on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has changed the face of recruitment and networking. Now it is commonplace for organization to do the majority of their hiring through social networking. It is not enough to simply have a LinkedIn profile and rarely use it. Like with all social media you must cultivate a following, add value, and stay engaged in order to make your network work for you. During 3 Day Challenge you will:

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About Jasmine:

As Career Coach in New York City I have coached  professionals and students around the country on manifesting their dream careers. I have supported clients in career exploration, setting career goals, and employment search techniques. 


I have a passion for coaching individuals regarding the current job market and their search for employment, I love supporting people in transitioning into new careers, strengthening their interview skills and creating winning resumes and cover letters. 


I started my career in the legal recruiting field and then in Workforce Development, assisting people with barriers, such as a history of drug abuse or homelessness. Currently I assist students at a business college in New York City with setting career goals, developing interview and networking skills, and finding internships and employment.


I create resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, as well as train individuals and groups in interviewing and job search techniques.

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