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  • Scans for Political & External Impacts - Uses understanding of broad political, social and economic factors to maneuver through complex situations

  • Reasons Critically & Solves Problems - Conducts root cause analysis to understand the problem and identify the practical and effective solutions

  • Manages Risks - Forecasts and evaluates risk and identifies processes to mitigate the negative impacts while attaining objectives

  • Establishes Governance - Works with stakeholders to ensure accountability, ethical behavior, fairness and transparency


  • Navigates Policies & People
    Leverages a deep understanding of how organizations work to achieve objectives through tactful and savvy approaches

  • Thrives in Chaos
    Maintains productivity in the face of change by adapts priorities and behavior

  • Leads & Embraces Change
    Scans for opportunities to drive positive change and overcome barriers by remaining open to new ideas and approaches

  • Plans for the Future
    Anticipates emerging trends, organizational needs and emerging pitfalls to build breakthrough strategies

  • Empowers Teams
    Creates resilient ecosystems by aligning and connecting team members through shared goals and resources


  • Develops Talent
    Actively supports self and team growth through investing in formal and informal development methods

  • Evolves with Tech
    Embraces the use of new technologies to improve efficiency, spur transformational change and seize opportunities

  • Takes Ownership
    Takes responsibility, faces criticism with courage, confronts problems and follows through on commitments

  • Holds Financial Accountability
    Applies sound fiscal management principles to ensure that resources are being used wisely

  • Drives Productivity
    Navigates competing priorities, aligns objectives, and defines tasks and milestones to achieve organizational goals

  • Exercises Sound Judgment
    Makes decisions by using a balanced mix of analysis, big picture thinking and expertise, while maintaining objectivity

  • Creates Alliances
    Establishes relationships with key partners and builds and maintains engagement

  • Demonstrates Empathy
    Fosters collaboration by listening and withholding judgement to create safe spaces to share perspectives

  • Influences Responsibly
    Uses compelling arguments and a deep understanding of stakeholder motivations to gain support responsibly and ethically

  • Focuses on Customers
    Prioritizes client satisfaction by anticipating needs and listening without being defensive

  • Resolves Conflicts
    Reads situations in order to find common ground, promote mutual understanding and settle disputes equitably



  • Inspires Others
    Builds loyalty by clearly articulating a compelling vision the sincere intention of making a positive difference.

  • Communicates Clarity
    Creates shared understanding and meaning by delivering concise and well articulated communications to diverse groups

  • Moves Data to Action
    Uses market research and other analysis to build cohesive stories that connect the dots between data and calls to action

  • Fosters Inclusivity
    Brings different perspectives to the table, confronts bias and addressing systemic barriers to inclusion and accessibility

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