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Did You Do Your Homework?

There is always something popping up. That could be a motto for some of us, an email or phone call that needs to be answered or an issue that needs to be dealt with. On the other side a birthday that calls for celebration or a new show that you've been wanting to check out. So with all these things constantly popping up how do you stick to the goals you’ve set.

I’ve always said that I was the kind of student that would only study when I knew there was a test coming or would do my homework only if I knew it would be collected. Now as an adult I have to learn techniques to maintain my productivity without a teacher checking over my shoulder

I have noticed that the best way for me to stay focused is to create that homework system for my goals. I love checking in with people around my goals, especially with someone who is also working on goals of their own. For me it’s like having someone check my homework and it also ignites my competitive nature. If the person I’m checking in with is accomplishing their goals and I’m not, I stop procrastinating and get to work.

Having an accountability partner allows someone else to hold on to your goals with you. For me it lessens the weight, yes I’m the one that has to get things done but now I have another person behind me who believes in me and believes in my goals. The concept of having an accountability partner is not new. Most times that is what having a coach can provide. Someone to make sure that you're sticking to your deadlines and hold your feet to the fire. A successful partnership can be the difference between getting things done now and putting things off till the last minute.

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