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The Likability Factor

“People hire people that they like.” I feel like there was a time in my career where I either said or heard this phrase once a day, while working as a Trainer in a non-profit organization that focused on offering case management and workforce development services to clients with a history of substance abuse.

Successful Work Team

Back then a major part of my time was spent simply talking about the value of a smile and a firm handshake. Now during my coaching and instructing, smiling isn’t such a hard sell, I still find myself discussing the likeability factor.

So, how do we get people to like us, especially during a job interview that may only last 35-40 minutes. More than just proving that we can do the job we must also connect with an employer during the interview, especially when meeting with your direct manager.

I believe that we should always strive to be our authentic self. A big part of job success and satisfaction is meshing well with the culture of your employer. I do think on an interview we should put our most positive, professional, and enthusiastic self forward. Positivity leads to productivity and no one will knowingly add a “Negative Nancy” to their team.

Employers want people who are excited about the work and the mission of the company. Showing that enthusiasm for the company will quickly win over Hiring Managers. As we all know, not everyone is going to like you, but a smile, enthusiasm, and alignment with the company mission will definitely win points and up your likeability factor.

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