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Five Professional Best Practices (That Have Helped Me along the Way)

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These are some of the tips and practices that have worked for me during my career; they were especially helpful when I switched into a new job or role.

1. Make it a habit to be 15 minutes early for work. This gives you a little cushion in case there is traffic or a train delay. It also gives you a chance to set up, drink coffee, chat with co-workers, and get organized.

2. Create an organization system. How you save files and emails can help a lot in the long run. Quick access to reports and information can off a lot of pressure. I have folders in my outlook for different projects and recurring reports. I also save my documents and reports saved based on an organization system.

3. Maintain a calendar. I have tons of systems to alert me to different meetings and deadlines. I have an hourly calendar for meetings, but I also have a wall calendar that faces my desk with dates of events are due dates for reports. On top of that I will generally set up a reminder in outlook or on my phone for scheduled phone or conference calls.

4. Acknowledge people around you. Smile and acknowledge your co-workers. Say good morning to the person at the front desk. Ask your co-workers about their weekends. You spend a lot of time at work make it pleasurable, find positive people to associate with as much as possible.

5. Learn what’s expected and if you’re not sure ask questions. Find out what the goal is, and how much output is expected. What is the average output of your coworker? Sales goals, deadlines, keep track of what you accomplish and make sure your supervisor knows too.

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