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The Blessing and Curse of Being "too" Sensitive

I will admit that I am a "sensitive" person, I take other people’s feelings, thoughts and actions towards me to heart. One area where being sensitive has a huge effect on you is in the job search. This is an area that is full of rejection and judgment, you are constantly being asked to put yourself out there and impress people. Your resume is being judged (often by computer systems), you go on interviews and are being judged. For a sensitive person it can feel like a constant barrage of rejection and judgment is being thrown at you left and right.

However, I must also admit that as a sensitive person I am able to pick up on subtle things that others might overlook. I can often tell after an interview whether I made a good impression or not. I am able to easily pick up on cues from the person who is interviewing me. Also, my sensitivity has led me to a profession where I get to help people with issues that are occurring in their life. Sensitivity and empathy has allowed me to really assist my clients with their careers and finding their passion.


So as a sensitive person who is searching for a new career opportunity, all is not lost. Remember that the job search takes time and every opportunity that you don't get leads you closer to your next job. One of my old colleagues used to say, if he had a crystal ball and told you that after your 5th interview you would get the job, then the first 4 times you got rejected you would be excited instead of discouraged. Unfortunately, I don't have a crystal ball, but I still believe that we should be excited about every interview and rejection letter, because it's leading us closer to our right job. In the face of rejection work harder, rethink your strategy, and keep moving forward.

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