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Transcending Negative Beliefs

This season is a time of renewal and blossoming. I celebrated Easter this past weekend by visiting my mother’s spiritual community, and I heard a sermon on transformation and transcendence. I started to think about all the negative beliefs that I was holding on to, and how they are holding me back, or influencing my career decisions. The beliefs that I hold about money, my own self-worth, and my community affect how I interact at work and the opportunities I pursue.

In the spirit of letting go of these beliefs and elevating to a new level in my career, I decided to share some of the negative thinking that has held me back. My hope is that this will spark you to start thinking about what beliefs it is time to let go. Often times we take our own beliefs and turn them into facts. We can find countless examples that prove our beliefs, and we use this to turn these beliefs into laws and rules that govern our daily lives.

Competition: One belief that I have decided to let go, is the thought that I am in competition with others. Although I know that another person's success does not limit opportunity within my own life, there is always a tendency to feel like there is something wrong with me for not being able to manifest the same result.

When we are not viewing others as competition, their success becomes a road map that we can use in our own businesses and careers. Look at others success as a sign that all things are possible, and do not start comparing yourself to others; simply stay on your course knowing that all things work out in perfect timing. If you admire a particular person or their accomplishment, work to make them a part of your circle, this way you can learn and grow from their success and build an advocate in the process.

Money Limits: Another belief that I look to leave behind is the idea that I cannot make money doing what I love. Working in not-for- profits you always hear that you will never be able to make a decent salary helping others. I often find myself making jokes about my salary and working in higher education. I will never be able to take my earning potential to the next level if I do not believe that it is possible, and stop setting an imaginary salary cap for myself.

With passion comes success! Know that because you are doing what you love you will unconsciously work harder and give more of yourself. This will lead to more ideas and projects that can push you out of your imaginary salary cap. This also leads me to the next limiting belief.

Focusing on the Wrong Source: Sometimes I have to remind myself that the source of my wealth is not wrapped up in one employer. Opportunities come in many different forms and I open myself up this season to all those multiple streams of income. I am thankful for my employer, but I know that they are not my source. I know that the source of my wealth and prosperity come from within me. It is directly related to the views I hold, and how those views influence my actions.

Change your relationship with money by changing your thoughts about money and its source. We give money so much power; take that power back. Things can only have meaning and power over us if we give that power away. Know that the source of your wealth can come in all forms. New projects and initiatives are being thought of and started every day. Focus on the opportunities, and know that you are attracting exciting projects and possibilities at all times.

In transcending these beliefs we open ourselves up to new experiences and views that will affect our career and earning power. We can look at our careers from a place of power and excitement, not being dragged down by fear, jealousy, or limitations. This allows us to set exciting career goals with a positive spirit, which then attracts positive people and opportunities into our lives.

On this journey we are constantly learning and letting go of ideas and beliefs that no longer serve us. There is no need to beat ourselves up for past beliefs, but instead bring positive awareness to them, so that we can transcend and reach new levels of greatness and career success.

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