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Removing Negativity Around the Job Search

Making a career change can often times bring up a lot of negative emotions. Most people are not excited about looking for a new job, even when we know that it is often the best move for our career, and sometimes for our sanity. The job market can be an unfriendly place filled with rejection and waiting. When I was acting, every audition was an interview, and I had to get used to a ton of rejection. I learned how to get a tough skin and to change my energy towards the audition process.

I’ve also had to learn to change my energy towards the job search process and help others do the same. Bringing negative energy into the job search only serves to make you miserable and can impede progress. You are less likely to spend your time on something that you have negative feelings towards; often times that is when you are most likely to push back and procrastinate.

I think having a clear strategy around what needs to get done can lessen some of the tension regarding the job search. And of course every clear strategy or plan must start with a goal. The first step is always to really think about what you are looking to accomplish, not just in the short term, but in the long term as well. Make sure to set dates, the average job search takes about 6 months.

Once you have a clear plan in place, the language around your job search has to change. Not just what you tell others, but also what you tell yourself. If there is tons of negative self-talk regarding the economy, lack of skills, or competition, you will not feel motivated to execute your job search strategy no matter how great your plan.

Set your intention and know that it is done. Work towards it with confidence knowing that the right opportunities will flow into your life in the perfect time. As you work your plan, keep positive energy around the process. Do not talk about your search with people who do not show support, instead, build a coalition of people that believe in your dream, and who will stand as a champions for you goals.

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