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The Power of Collaboration

During my last group coaching program I had the pleasure of supporting 6 wonderful women in advancing their career goals. Generally the career planning and the job search is thought of as a solo practice, however I saw first-hand the benefit of having a strong group around to support you in the process. The concept of group-think is nothing new, people having been forming clubs and mastermind groups for centuries. I believe that it is time that we stop making the job search all about me and start making it about us.

Looking for a job can be a frustrating process and depending on our job status it can also be a secretive one. We have all heard that it is a referral based job market and that the best way to get a new job is through networking. So what if we could network through a collective. It makes sense that you would have better results, if you had a strong group looking out for your interests, and working with you to ensure that you meet your goals.

A few years ago I completed a leadership program, where we had to set goals in all areas of our lives. One of the best things about this program was that we met as a group and were all responsible for the entire group's success. It wasn't enough for us to complete our own goals; we needed to make sure that everyone in our group was also completing their goals. I think that this is a concept that can also work when it comes to our careers.

Having support will ensure that you stay motivated and complete tasks; it will also support you when things get tough. One thing that can sabotage a job search is the tendency to pick it up and put it back down when things get frustrating. It needs to consistently remain a priority even with all the other things that are going on in your life. When you feel like you are not alone, you tend to work harder and be the champion for the group, especially when you are in a group with like-minded people who are also working hard for their goals.

So go out there and find your group, you can work with a coach or perhaps start your own group with friends who are in the same boat. Instead of sitting around and complaining about your job, get together and take action. Even if you are not necessarily looking, your career plan should always be up to date. When you work together big things can happen, as they say “two head are better than one” or “team-work, makes the dream work”. And if you still need help in finding your people, join my Facebook group “Women Create” where we are establishing a community of women who are serious about their professional development, and want everyone to succeed, and feel special and loved. Join us here!

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