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My Transition Story: How I Decided it Was Time for a Career Change

After pursuing my childhood dream for 5 years, I knew that it no longer felt right for me. I had a sense that I had more to contribute but I was unsure of what that looked like. This started my journey to discover and achieve my dream career. These are the first steps I had to take in order to successfully find my new passion and life’s work.

I had to let go of caring about what other people think

People are always going to have an opinion regarding other people's decisions. Getting caught up in those opinions will halt your dream before you even get started. When I decided that I no longer wanted to be an actress I was so worried that other people would think of me as a quitter. I was scared to let go of a goal that no longer worked for me out of fear of what other people would think. Once I finally stopped caring about how it looked to others I was able to really re-evaluate my career goals and make sure that they worked for me and allowed me to honor who I was at that point in my life.

I had to listen to myself

There came a point where I had this feeling of not being satisfied and fulfilled by the work I was doing. I was halfheartedly going for my goals and I wasn't even sure why I wasn't giving it my all. I had to sit down and really listen to myself and analyze what I was feeling and thinking when it came to my career. Once I was able to listen to myself without judgment, I was better able to create career goals that excited me and pushed me into action.

I had to let go of goals that no longer worked

I am a big believer in setting and working towards goals, however I know that as we change and experience more our goals change. In order to transition into a new career, I had to be able to let go of a goal that was no longer in line with who I was. I had to be okay with not completing that goal and see that the reason I was not as enthusiastic about it or working as hard towards it was because it was time for me to declare something new in my life.

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