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Team Spirit & The Job Search

“Do you work better in a team or by yourself?” One of my colleagues recently asked while we interviewed for a new Office Assistant. She asked during two different interviews and received two different answers, although neither answer is right or wrong, I found myself making judgments about each candidate based on their answer. Strangely enough, the person who seemed more outgoing and energetic was the one that preferred to work by themselves. It made me wonder what it was about working with others that makes us either shy away or embrace the experience.

I consider myself to be an independent person, raised as an only child, this is probably one of the few only-children stereotypes that I will admit to. That said, I love the feeling of being a part of a team, although I will admit that I didn’t always feel that way. Working with teams does come with its challenges, such as sharing responsibilities and ensuring that everyone is pulling their weight, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives for me.

When working on our own personal and professional goals we often think of the process as a solo endeavor. However, this can lower our access to support and knowledge, as we often don’t reach out to others to lend support. I myself have found that my greatest accomplishments have come when I aligned myself with a team that has held me accountable to my goals and supported me in my cause.

While discussing my group, I have spoken to several people who were intimidated by the idea of working with a group to achieve career success. It can be hard at times for people to let their shield down and give others access to their deepest wants, passions and fears. I believe that this level of vulnerability is needed when striving for something new within our lives. Our job search and career progression calls for us to put ourselves out there in unconventional ways, share our ideas and be open to new experiences.

Having a group of like-minded individuals to share this journey with can increase our efficiency and productivity. Our team can serve as a motivating force to make sure that we are giving our all to the goals and projects that we say are important to us. I invite you to find a group to support you on your career journey.

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