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The Power of Networking When Conducting a Job Search

One lesson that I wish I knew earlier in my career is the power of networking. I didn’t learn how important networking was until I started as a Job Developer, where I supported others with securing interviews.

When you're conducting a job search or really when you're going for any career goal, networking is a key tool. Not only can it support you in learning about openings and opportunities, but it can also provide a support network that can help you throughout your career.

As you may or not know about 80% of jobs are found through networking, so the adage it's not what you know but who you know still applies, especially when we're looking for a job.

Building a network within your industry or the industry that you're looking to get into is a great way to do career research. You want to hear about the career from people who are already in it, as well as stay abreast of trends as industries are always changing. Conducting informational interviews are a great way to learn as well as expand your network.

You also want to make sure that you have a positive group of supporters around you. I'm going to emphasize “positive group” of supporters. Not the people that when we talk about our job search tell us that the economy is bad, or give excuses, or even flip it to how they don't like their career or job search.

You want a group of people who are going to hold you accountable, someone that you can bounce ideas off of, and someone who's going to hold positivity around your job search.

If you are looking for such a community, I invite you to join our next Career Development Happy Hours. This is a chance to connect to people who are interested in developing and moving forward in their careers. As well as speak to a career coach and ask questions about different topics related to your career.

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